Vision of Yoga京都2018を修了して(29)

First it is my honor meeting everyone of Vision of Yoga 2018 Kyoto. Big thanks to Master and Madoka san for the valuable lessons, Yurina sensei for recommending and guiding me here, and Vanakkam yoga school members that I have never met but organize and make Vision of Yoga 2018 Kyoto happen. This is one of the best lessons that I have ever had!

After the 20 days’ lessons I want to learn more yoga from Master and Madoka san. Because I believe if I can do yoga well I can live happily and find true purpose of life.

Key takeaways:
1 Smile every day every moment for others to smile.
2 God is inside me, I am complete and have no problem.
3 Stop looking back or worrying about future, focus on present and growth.
4 Push myself outside of comfortable zone and grow to the best of my ability.
5 Change from stone to feather and go with wind.
6 Stop forcing myself to do things to make others happy, do what I should do and love what I should do.
7 When I see me I cannot see you, when I see you I cannot see me.
8 Do yoga every day to take good care of my body in order to take good care of the god inside me.

Yurina sensei is another reason for me to believe yoga. I am very lucky to have Yurina as my sensei. Yoga time with her is my happiest time every week. I feel body and mind refreshed after her lessons. Especially it pulled me into light during dark times. Before I don’t understand how it works. After attending Vision of Yoga 2018 Kyoto I start to understand a little bit. I want to learn and understand more in Vision of Yoga 2019 Kyoto.

Thanks and Best Regards.


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